May 23, 2024

What Does a Construction Lawyer Do?

A construction lawyer is the person you hire to aid you with any legal issues. More specifically, legal issues pertaining to a renovation of your home or building. This lawyer is familiar with real estate and construction law.

Handling Disputes

The construction lawyer you hire will handle any legal disputes between yourself, the contractor, architects, and engineer of the project.

Filing of Claims

Should anything go wrong during the renovation, your construction lawyer will be responsible for the filing of claims. Your construction lawyer will negotiate with the contractor, architect, and engineer about settling any disputes in an amicable manner.

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In addition, should any defects occur on the job, the lawyer will need to file claims with the insurance companies.

Makes the Construction Agreement

The construction lawyer you hire will be responsible to write up the agreement between yourself and the contractor, engineer, and architect. This agreement needs to be written prior to getting any bids.

Not a Real Estate Lawyer

Even though a construction lawyer is familiar with real estate and construction law, they are not a real estate lawyer. Therefore, they are not able to aid with the closing of the property you’re buying or selling.

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