July 20, 2024

Common Long-Term Disability Claim Mistakes to Avoid

In this YouTube video, disability claims lawyers discuss common mistakes people make when filing for long-term disability.

Long-term disability insurance companies usually have two different definitions of the word “disability.” The longer a claim drags out, a disability insurance company will transition between both meanings, affecting a claim’s outcome.

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Other things that typically drive adverse effects for claimants are not fully disclosing all disabling medical conditions, using the wrong types of language when filling out the forms, and not communicating effectively or thoroughly with doctors. Disability insurance companies won’t gather all of the evidence needed to prove a claim on the claimant’s behalf. A claimant needs to stay proactive during the process.

Claimants should never ignore requests for paperwork or miss deadlines. Neither should a claimant ask for compensation beyond what their actual needs are. True needs are different from sustaining a lifestyle the claimant may have previously enjoyed.

A claimant should seek help in navigating this process if they need assistance. It’s vital to follow all of their doctor’s recommendations before, during, and after a claim is made.

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