May 24, 2024

Want to Avoid Court? These 3 Types of Cases Can Be Mediated Instead

experienced mediator“I’ll see you in court!” These words are often uttered in frustration or anger when a conflict has reached its tipping point. But most of us would rather not go to court, if we can help it. When a case goes to trial, it’s often a long and stressful process — and it can pose a real financial burden for many people. But there are a number of legal cases or non-violent disputes that can be resolved with help from an experienced mediator, rather than by a lengthy trial in the criminal justice system. Here are just three of the many types of cases that could benefit from mediation services:

  1. Divorce and child custody disputes
    Divorce cases are all too common, and proceedings can easily get very messy during a trial. If you are able to come to an agreement with help from an experienced mediator, it can make the divorce process a lot less painful and stressful for everyone. This is especially true when there are children involved. When you use an arbitration service, you’re usually able to come to a resolution that saves everyone a lot of frustration and emotional damage.
  2. Employment problems
    If your organization is experiencing a conflict that takes away from the company’s ability to function, you may want to consider working with a mediator to come to a resolution. Doing so has shown to improve company morale and create mutual understanding while saving the company time and money by forgoing formal commercial litigation. Whether you need an impartial party at board meetings, conferences, or meetings with staff, working with a mediator can help solve difficult issues and assist in team building exercises that will serve to strengthen your business.
  3. Lease issues
    If you aren’t able to directly talk to or resolve issues with your landlord, sometimes it’s better to enlist mediation services rather than going to a lawyer. Typically, mediation is more cost-effective, less stressful, and will take less time than going to court — and you might be more likely to see the result you want if you show you want to work things out amicably. A third-party mediator can help resolve these disputes and facilitate discussion.

Many people don’t realize that an effective neutral mediator can help them with a variety of cases and disputes — and can keep them out of court. Our team of experienced mediators has the vast knowledge needed to help in all types of situations. For instance, our own Judge Edward Cahn has mediated over 1,100 separate controversies — and has a reported a success rate of over 90%. Contact us today to find out how our arbitration services can help you put a disagreement or dispute to rest.

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