June 21, 2024

An Interview with John Brendan Elbert, Esquire of Pennsylvania Criminal Defense, P.C.

For 35 years, John Brendan Elbert, Esquire has been providing legal services to citizens of the greater Philadelphia region. We caught up with him to discuss his work with the Pennsylvania Criminal Defense firm.

Mr. Elbert, what services does the Pennsylvania Criminal Defense firm provide?

For criminal matters, our services include representation from the point of arrest through the conclusion of a trial and all appeals.

That’s very thorough representation! What is your role in that process?

I am often called upon to surrender a client when there is a warrant out for his or her arrest, which I arrange around the needs of my client.

That sounds like a challenge! How did you prepare for this position?

I take a minimum of 12-16 continuing law education credits in Pennsylvania and New Jersey each year. I will normally acquire these credits all at one time, since I take two or three days to attend these functions.

What’s been your greatest career success so far?

I have never had a client convicted after a trial-by-jury in a rape case, and I’ve never had a client sentenced to the death penalty.

Pennsylvania Criminal Defense, P.C. is located at 1420 Walnut Street, Suite 801 in Philadelphia, PA. Learn more online at www.pennsylvaniacriminaldefense.com or by calling (215) 569-5000.


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