July 20, 2024

Three Ways to Protect Yourself From Semi Trucks

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Semi truck accidents are highly dangerous. Unfortunately , the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that even though there are an average of 11 accidents that involve at least one truck a day, 10% of trucks still don’t have active safety technology.

Though most truck accident attorneys will be able to prove the truck driver or trucking company at fault after an accident over the car driver, it’s still better to avoid needing a truck accident attorney at all. Here are some ways you can protect yourself from trucks on the road:

  1. Avoid Blind Spots

    Most large trucks have limited visibility, so even if you’re sure a truck driver can see you in their numerous rear-view mirrors, they might have no idea you’re there. Watch for truck blind spots (which are often longer than your car) and try to stay where they can see you. Better yet, avoid passing them altogether, or pass quickly.
  2. Don’t Try to Dart Around a Truck

    Though it’s important to pass quickly, you never want to pass abruptly. Don’t try to speed up to pass a truck when it’s making a turn, or cut in front of one quickly. Trucks are extremely hard to maneuver quickly, so it will be very hard for the driver to avoid you if you suddenly get in their way. Your truck accident attorney may not even be able to prove it was the truck driver’s fault if you were driving recklessly.
  3. Wait Until You Have Time to Pass

    We all hate being stuck behind slow-moving trucks, but it’s important to wait for a good opportunity to pass. You want to have plenty of time to pass, and plenty of time to get back in front of the truck. Don’t try to pass when you’re going around curves or approaching hills, especially if you’re on a two-lane road. You should also make sure you don’t have to squeeze between a car and the truck, because that will force you to pull over abruptly in front of a truck.

If you end up in an accident with a truck, the best personal injury lawyers for you will be those who specialize in the complex liability issues that surround trucking accidents. Contact one today if you’ve been injured.
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