May 24, 2024

Three Important Statistics About Bicycling Injuries

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It is, unfortunately, the nature of a bicycle’s structure that causes so many bicycling injuries to take place. However, many of those injuries aren’t related to the bicyclist at all — many injuries are results of car and bicycle accidents, where the bicyclist is naturally more exposed and more likely to be injured.

Although riding a bike is often a great transportation option — it saves money and reduces carbon emissions, for starters — it’s important to be aware of a few bicycle injury statistics in order to understand the gravity of bike accidents and to keep in mind, whether you’re a bicyclist or driver, that a little extra care can make a big difference on the road.

Adolescents and adults: The two age groups that have the highest fatality rates resulting from bike accidents. This may come as a surprise to some people, who would expect young children to be less careful while riding bikes; however, it’s important to remember that most fatalities result from bicycle accident injuries where cars have been involved.

Four p.m. to Midnight: the time of day when nearly half of all fatal bicycling injuries occur. This statistic probably isn’t too surprising; after all, when it gets darker, it’s much harder for drivers to see bicyclists on the road.

Two-thirds: The amount of fatal bicycling injuries where the bicyclist experienced serious brain injuries; in comparison, about one-eighth of all bicyclists with non-fatal injuries resulting from an accident deal with resulting brain injuries.

Quite simply, it’s important to realize that bicycling injuries — especially involving brain injury accidents — are almost always serious enough to warrant legal action. It can be difficult to know what to do after a bike accident, and the health of the injured bicyclist should always be the first priority; for these exact reasons, many victims in these situations choose to seek legal help from personal injury lawyers who have a lot of experience dealing with similar cases.

Riding a bike can certainly be risky, but that’s no reason to completely stop riding a bike! The important thing to remember is that safety is always key, and that you’re always going to have someone who can help you out legally and financially if an accident does occur. Find out more at this site.

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