May 24, 2024

Terms You May Find In A Legal Dictionary

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Have you ever wondered how to define civil law? Do you want to learn more about the history of law? You could look at a legal terms dictionary. A legal terms dictionary is an excellent resource to learn all sorts of things about law. From providing citations of law articles to defining legal phrases, a legal terms dictionary is a great resource for law students, legal researchers, prisoners, and those who wish to do legal work themselves.

There are many interesting terms that can be defined in a legal terms dictionary. One of my favorite is civil law. The system the United States uses, common law, is based on judicial interpretation of the will of the legislature. To ensure consistency of laws, precedent is a major concept. If a precedent is overturned, there is typically a very good reason. Civil law, which originated in France, is based on a definitive legal code. It is assumed all answers to all legal questions are in a code decided by the legislature, and judges are merely an enforcer.

Another of my favorite legal terms in a legal terms dictionary is habeas corpus, or literally you may have the body. Habeas corpus is a post arrest hearing to ensure that a detention is legal. This is typically done within twenty four to forty eight hours of any given arrest. This right was to ensure that no arrests were indefinite or secret.

Of course, there are many other legal words in a legal terms dictionary. But a legal terms dictionary can go even farther. A legal terms dictionary can define case law for a given legal question. A legal terms dictionary can definitely give you a better sense of legal theory. Finally, a legal terms dictionary can help you with routine legal matters, such as wills, trusts or promissory notes. Such are the joys of a legal terms dictionary.

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