June 20, 2024

Ease Confusion And Anxieties With A Philadelphia Tax Attorney

Tax attorney in philadelphia

Adopted in 1787, the United States Constitution authorized the federal government to both lay and collect taxes. However, the Constitution also required that some types of tax revenue be given to the states in proportion to the population of each state. Every citizen of the United States is familiar with the collection of income taxes and property taxes, especially during the time of the year when yearly income taxes are due to be filed. However, the process of tax filing can be more difficult than many individuals realize. There are a great deal of factors to consider, including the type of employment, home ownership status, and family size, in addition to a variety of others. Additionally, the state in which one resides will have an impact on the filing of taxes. If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, a tax attorney Philadelphia is home to may be an excellent choice for this situation. There are a variety of services a Philadelphia tax attorney can provide to you.

One of the best things a Philadelphia tax lawyer can provide to clients is guidance. The easiest form utilized by the Internal Revenue Service is known as the 1040EZ. This form alone has thirty three pages of instructions. As such, this can grow tedious, and it can be easy to overlook important information. As such, a tax lawyer Philadelphia can assist in ensuring all instructions are clear. A Philadelphia tax attorney can also ensure that you are being properly taxed. Currently, federal tax rates vary between ten percent and thirty nine point six percent of taxable income. It can be hard to determine if you are in the correct tax bracket without the advice of a professional such as a Philadelphia tax attorney.

You might also seek out the assistance of a Philadelphia tax attorney should you find that you fall behind on your yearly income taxes, or find that the Internal Revenue Service has ordered an audit. A study by the Cato Institute shows that there are more than one million tax preparers in the country, and unfortunately, some of these individuals have been known to make mistakes on returns. A Philadelphia tax attorney can help review your documents to ensure the validity of claims. In addition, the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution forbids state and federal governments from taking property without due process of law, including during an IRS levy.
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