July 20, 2024

Make the Law Work to Your Advantage

Define civil law

According to the Chicago Tribune on July 10, residents in Illinois may not be able to take advantage of the new concealed carry law, even though the veto from Governor Pat Quinn was overrode by the legislature on Tuesday. This made Illinois the last state in the union to adopt some form of concealed carry law. While it is now official, it will be some time before it can be put into practice. Before that can happen, an entire bureaucracy has to be set up.

The history of law surrounding guns and gun safety laws shows why this delay is necessary. These days, local governments do not just hand out concealed carry permits to anyone. There is an entire legal framework that accompanies the process. Part of this is to screen out people who could be mentally unbalanced, or have some kind of criminal history that would prohibit them from legally being able to obtain a gun.

One does not have to be an expert on the history of law or law articles to understand this kind of process. However, if one feels the need to browse through a book of legal terms for dummies online, they will find plenty of resources. Those that are interested should proceed with caution however, since there are more legal phrases floating around than they might ever realize!

The history of law in the United States is quite complex, whether people are talking about gun laws, tax laws or traffic laws. The majority of those individuals that drafted and signed the Declaration of Independence (35 out of 55) were lawyers. The wanted a nation of strict laws that would limit power and provide as much freedom as possible. And while it may seem like a contradiction to some, they wanted change to be difficult to achieve.

This explains the aforementioned Illinois concealed carry law. While it may be frustrating to those who want their permits now, it will probably make more sense after looking at the overall history of law and legal change in the United States. When change is difficult to make, the chances of it being the right kind of change increase. Those implementing these and other gun safety laws want to make sure they are done right. After all, the goal is to make something that benefits every resident, and that deserves some time.

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