June 20, 2024

Quick Legal Document Filing for Those Who Don’t Live and Breathe Law

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Oh that overwhelming feeling we non experts feel when we realize it’s time to file some kind of legal documentation. For most, the language and details of U.S. law can be baffling, even when it comes to handling some of the most common kinds of legal filings. You can cover a certain amount of ground by referencing a legal terms dictionary or perusing a “legal terms for dummies” book or some relatively accessible law articles.

But what if you have a concrete goal to accomplish? Perhaps you’re filing for divorce, creating a trust, drafting your will, setting up a DBA, applying for a copyright or a patent, settling power of attorney, creating a prenuptial agreement, or legally changing your name. Just knowing some legal theory and common legal phrases won’t necessarily get you 100 percent to your endpoint of filing legal documents that can be complex and very particular.

That’s where services like zoom legal come in handy. There are legal service providers who can remove much of the burden of assembling legal documents, and provide useful education that ranges from explaining basic law concepts to referring you to a network of qualified attorneys with varying specialties. Zoom legal services and the like can assemble the legal documents you need with a high standard of accuracy and professionalism, removing all of the guesswork and greatly speeding the process of being ready to submit your legal forms to the government.

For those without the budget to hire the services of a lawyer in their area, “elawyering” as it’s sometimes called can be a useful solution. For some, this term has negative connotations, but it’s really just a catch all for any service (like zoom legal and its ilk) that allow you to procure legal services, counsel or documents through web sites and email. Zoom legal type services are simply a great deal cheaper, and often quicker as well, than employing a lawyer for legal tasks like copyright and DBA that are just involved enough to be daunting, but not so complex that significant legal help is needed. If you’re getting ready to file documents and need to do it on a budget, considering a service like zoom legal can be a wise move.

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