April 20, 2024

Let A Criminal Defense Attorney Help You

If an individual has been charged for their mistake or offense, they’ll be tried in a court of law. Convicted individuals are supposed to defend themselves either personally or may consider criminal defense lawyers. A criminal attorney is accountable for defending the person convicted of a crime. Criminal defense is essential to certify that the accused receives only the punishment he deserves without infringing his rights. Even if the accused is found guilty, a judge can enforce a sentence that the convict deserves.
Additionally, a criminal defense attorney can be contacted directly by the accused person or may be assigned a case by the judge. They should cease representing clients in cases outside their field of expertise. A criminal defense lawyer assists in breaking down every element of the crime you have been accused of beyond reasonable doubt. An excellent criminal lawyer can offer an affirmative defense where the accused must admit they committed a crime. The lawyer can try to follow up on the admission with an explanation to justify the actions under the circumstances.

Are you in need of a criminal defense attorney? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of Americans every day are seeking the same thing that you are. Of course, there are many reasons why someone would need a criminal defense attorney, but what happens all too often is that once a client finds the attorney they want to hire, they do not know the right questions to ask. It is so important to have your questions ready for any potential attorney you might hire, no matter what your crime might be. Below are three of the most common charges that cause someone to need a criminal defense attorney:

1. Drunk Driving – Drunk driving charges happen all the time. In fact, studies show that every two minutes, another person is injured in a drunk driving related incident. Not only are drunk driving charges common, but they are costly as well. Drunk driving alone costs the United States nearly $200 billion every single year. If you are charged with a DUI then you could potentially lose your license, face community service sentencing, or even jail time. Facing those types of consequences is just one of the reasons that hiring a DUI lawyer is incredibly important.

2. Drug Posession – Another common criminal charge that attorneys see every day is drug possession. These laws typically vary state to state so if you find yourself charged with a drug crime, make sure the lawyer you meet with is well versed in the specifics of that state’s treatment of that particular substance. For instance, the handling of marijuana charges are much different in a state like Virginia than they are in Colorado where the use of the drug is completely legal.

3. Assault and Battery – If you have been charged with assault or battery, a criminal defense attorney will be extremely beneficial. Must like drug charges and drunk driving, the consequences that you could face if you are convicted of assault or battery could drastically affect your future.

Studies show that the average drunk driver has already driven drunk more than 80 times in their life before their first arrest happens. No matter what your criminal charge is, you do not want to become a statistic of the criminal justice system. Finding the right attorney to help you fight your charge is a great way to make sure that does not happen. Whether it is drunk driving, drug possession, or assault and battery, hiring an attorney will increase your chances of seeing a lesser sentence.

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