September 27, 2023

Trust an Attorney To Help You File A Personal Injury Claim

Settlement cases for personal injury

Accidents happen all the time, and often times those accidents can result in personal injury settlements. Car accidents are one of the leading types of accidents that keel someone like a personal injury lawyer busy, and they happen all the time. From drunk drivers to distracted driving, vehicle accidents happen every day and result in injury and oftentimes death. In fact, in 2013 alone, an estimated 2.05 million vehicle occupants were injured in crashes, while nearly 21,132 lost their lives.

Many of these injuries are due to distracted driving, which is becoming more and more common in modern society, thanks to things like cellphones and texting. Just how common are distracted driving accidents? Well, more than 3,000 people were killed in car accidents during 2013 that involved distracted drivers, and an estimated 424,000 were injured. Despite these alarming numbers, though, people show now signs of cutting back on giving in to distractions while driving. For example, at any given time during the day, it is estimated that nearly 660,000 drivers are using their phones or other electronic devices while driving. That’s bad news and creates an unsafe environment not only for themselves, but for other drivers around them as well because drivers who busy themselves with checking text messages, using Snapchat, or even reaching for their phone, increase their risk of getting into or causing an accident by three times.

Distracted driving isn’t the only thing causing accidents resulting in people seeking out lawyers to win personal injury settlements. Drunk driving is also a huge factor behind car accidents. Every day in America there is about 300,000 drunk drivers out on the roads. However, only about 4,000 of these drivers ever get arrested in a given day. That’s scary to think about, especially considering the fact that a person is injured every two minutes as a result of a drunk driving accident.

Motorcycle accidents are also on the rise, and some have even linked the increase in motorcycle accidents to distracted driving. After all, many motorcycle accidents happen because a driver didn’t even see the motorcycle. The scary part is is that motorcycle crashes claimed an average of 4,668 lives in 2013, and about 88,000 motorcyclists were injured in accidents.

With so many accidents occurring every day and year, it’s no wonder that someone like a personal injury lawyer manages to stay pretty busy throughout the year. They’re also good at what they do, fight hard to win their client’s personal injury settlements. So the next time you’re in an accident, call a law firm and get yourself a personal injury lawyer.

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