June 20, 2024

Worker’s Comp Why You Shouldn’t Approach Your Claim Without A Lawyer

Social security disability lawyer

Unfortunately, accidents happen — and sometimes it’s impossible to avoid them, as many discover when they’re injured on the job. Of course, many of these accidents are avoidable — but perhaps even more are not. Plenty of people find themselves injured on the job despite their best attempts to avoid injury, and this can sometimes be deemed the fault of the employer. The issue with these types of injuries is not so much their initial impact, but how long they’re affect your life. It’s estimated that 22% of slip and fall incidents resulted in over 31 missed days of work. The true problem that lots of people run into is that, even when their medical bills are relatively manageable — they’re not as manageable when you miss a significant amount of work. For that matter, lots of people find that they have a hard time balancing the cost of living against their medical bills following an accident at work. For that matter, what are you supposed to do when you really injure yourself — and even if you can return to work, you aren’t able to work at the same capacity? For the average workers, this requires the help of a social security disability lawyer. They can help you navigate the choppy waters of a compensation settlement — and ensure that you get what you need and deserve.

What Is My Real Risk Of A Slip And Fall Accident?

For lots of people, slip and fall accidents don’t sound like anything that would actually happen to them. When you’re younger in particular, social security benefits and disability are not exactly things that you think about — or for that matter, want to think about. Few of us imagine that we’ll actually need workers compensation; it just doesn’t seem like something that we should worry about. But slip and fall accidents do happen. In total, falls account for eight million hospital emergency room visits, in total representing the leading cause of visits at 21.3%. To be more specific, slip and falls account for 12% of visits — that is, one million. So, where does a workers comp attorney play into this? Maybe it will surprise you that 85% of workers compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors. It’s not their fault; in fact, it’s often the fault of their employers. Still — why do you need a social security disability lawyer?

Why Do I Need A Social Security Disability Lawyer?

A social security disability lawyer can help you in a variety of ways, from the moment that you begin your disability application to the day your claim is fulfilled. No matter how smart you are, chances are that you aren’t that familiar with workers compensation laws — or at least not their specifics. Some lawyers deal with more specific aspects of disability than others — you may find a short term disability attorney to have skills more applicable to your situation than a long term disability attorney, or vice versa. Either way, a lawyer will request your medical records to begin a process called “developing medical evidence”. Your records will serve as evidence for your case, ensuring that your case looks as strong as possible. They may also request that you have a consultation with one of their lawyers. Your doctors, and this doctor, may be asked to write up statements that are supportive of your case. Your attorney will also help prepare you to make a statement about your case. They’ll help you understand how to best describe your symptoms, as well as your treatments and any factors that could otherwise affect your health.

How Much Will I Receive For My Claim?

Nobody can say how much your claim will pay out. It will depend on whether your disability is long or short term, how much your medical attention cost, and much more. However, for reference — as of March 2015, the maximum average compensation for an employee who damaged one arm at work was $169,880.

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