June 21, 2024

How to Create a Will in Under 4 Mins

A will is a sensitive document. It settles myriads of disputes and sets things in order when death occurs. It addresses what should be done when you die. You can go the traditional way and hire a living will lawyer to do the drafting for you at a reasonable fee. Most people think that a valid will can only be done by a lawyer which is untrue.

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You can draft a valid will that stands before any court of law. A valid will begins with a date of the writing and a declaration of the writer’s official name.

Revoke all previous wills if you are amending yours. The next step is to specify how your property shall be shared. Expressly state what you are leaving to your wife, the children, and any other parties. If you leave property to your wife, include what happens if she dies before you. Appoint and name the executor and determine how they shall serve. End the will with an official signature to make the document legally binding and official.

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