May 23, 2024

Cancelling Your Timeshare Contract

Although getting into a timeshare contract may be fast and easy, getting out is more difficult than you can imagine. This explains why the cost of timeshare cancel services is going up. According to this video, timeshare owner Solomon Choy’s annual maintenance fee went up to $2,000 after six years, something he did not expect.

In many cases, it seems that once you’re in the contract, you’re locked in for life.

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Unfortunately, when you seek the services of some timeshare exit companies, you may part with tens of thousands of dollars, just like Choy did, only to stay in the same fraudulent mess.

To exit a timeshare contract completely, hire a realtor who has experience in timeshare contracts. However, since timeshare contracts usually depreciate, you should be prepared to take a loss. Then, all you can do is cross your fingers that the realtor or company will keep their end of the bargain.

To help people avoid situations like the one facing Choy, American Resort Development Association (ARDA) says that the timeshare industry is working tirelessly to warn consumers about fraud in the exiting industry. ARDA is committed to better communicating with owners who want to understand safe timeshare exit options.

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