June 19, 2024
truck accidents

3 Things to Do in the Minutes After a Truck Accident

Commercial truck services play a vital role in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the trucking industry, which is responsible for transporting a significant portion of goods and materials globally. These services cater to the unique needs of commercial vehicles and assist with everything from tow truck services to vehicle maintenance and upkeep.

Tow truck services are an indispensable component of commercial truck services, assisting stranded vehicles during breakdowns or accidents. These specialized towing companies have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle the size and weight of commercial vehicles. Medium duty truck service companies can help ensure safe and secure transportation to the nearest repair facility.

For businesses wondering “Is there commercial vehicle repair near me?” a variety of shops specialize in maintaining and repairing commercial trucks. These facilities offer services ranging from routine maintenance to more complex repairs, often requiring specialized knowledge of medium-duty trucks. Medium duty truck repair centers are equipped to address the unique needs of these vehicles, which often operate in demanding environments and require rigorous maintenance schedules.

When selecting the best truck repair provider, factors like experience, reputation, and the range of services offered should be considered. The best truck repair provider is one that takes the time to listen to your needs and find the services that work best.

truck accidentsThere are few things more terrifying than car accidents, but one of those more terrifying things might be truck accidents. Even though truck drivers are required to undergo extensive training and adhere to strict regulations, that doesn’t mean mistakes don’t happen.

If you find yourself involved in such a crash, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The first response after truck accidents is often shock. While it’s difficult, it’s important to resist this reaction, as the minutes after any car wreck are vitally important.

In order to better prepare you, we have dedicated this post to what you should do in the minutes immediately following any truck accidents you might be involved in.

  1. Take a Breath: For many, the moments before a car accident slow down and thinking becomes clearer. And then the accident happens. Once the crash is over, the adrenaline that has begun coursing through your veins goes into overdrive. Your body will be screaming: fight or flight.It is imperative that you ignore this impulse. Take a moment to breathe. If you are still in immediate danger, get out of your car if you can but do so slowly. The adrenaline can be masking the pain of your injuries and moving too fast or too soon can cause further damage.
  2. Call the Police: Once you have regrouped, your next step should be to call the police. This is standard procedure in any crash, but when a truck is involved, there is an increased likelihood of injury — even fatality. Alerting the police will ensure that the right resources are being sent to help mitigate any further damage.
  3. Document Everything: Take pictures, write down your account, or use your phone to record your retelling what happened in every detail. You will need to repeat that account to the police, your insurance company, and possibly a team of truck accident lawyers. Make sure to note if you or the truck driver was behaving aggressively. Remember, 66% of fatal crashes are caused by aggressive driving, according to the NHTSA and Auto Vantage auto club.Additionally, you should gather the information of everyone involved and anyone who might have witnessed the crash. It is important that you do this at the time of the crash, as these people will become increasingly more difficult to track down afterward.

Truck accidents are terrifying, but it is important that you understand what to do on the off-chance that you should be involved in one. By remembering to remain calm, alert the authorities, and take careful documentation, you can ensure that if you need the assistance of truck accident attorneys, you will have an advantage towards winning your case.

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