July 20, 2024

In What Personal Injury Cases Do You Need a Lawyer?


Some occasions in life demand the services of an experienced lawyer. It might be a personal injury case, or a malpractice suit, or maybe something as mundane as a divorce that prompts one of the parties to seek counsel with a law firm. What these events have in common is one person believes something is owed to them, and the other side doesn’t agree. This simple scenario keeps law firms in business.

Life Occasions That Benefit From a Lawyer’s Services.

The average citizen is unlikely to need the assistance of a defense attorney for a crime. However, there are plenty of times when they’ll desire a lawyer’s knowledge of the law to help them out of a dismal situation. The U.S. Department of Justice has found that of all personal injury cases, motor vehicle accidents make up the majority at 52%, with medical malpractice coming in at 15%, and product liability making up the remaining 5%. Surprisingly, personal injury cases are overwhelmingly settled before they go to court; only perhaps 4% to 5% see trial.

What’s Causing Motor Vehicle Accidents?

While there is a slight number of motor vehicle accidents that are caused by the vehicle malfunctioning, typically an accident is caused by some fault of the driver. It is easier than ever to become distracted while operating a vehicle with smart phones, GPS systems, music devices, and even old-fashioned eating at the wheel.

It only takes a few seconds of distraction to lose control of a vehicle. The consequences in some cases have proven to be fatal. Because vehicles do not have an inner camera recording the driver, the dispute arises as to the degree the driver was distracted just before an accident occurs. In establishing what the distraction was and for how long it occurred, the attorney can establish fault, specifically who was at fault.

What Role Does Alcohol Play in Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Alcohol is appropriately vilified for leading to accidents when mixed with driving. The research is beyond dispute. Consuming a certain amount of alcohol negatively impacts a person’s ability to drive. Even with widespread news of the dangers of driving under the influence, a person dies every two minutes on average from a drunk driver.

It is rare for a drunk driver to be caught during their first time. Some statistics indicate that the average drunk driver has driven drunk about 80 times before they were caught and subsequently arrested. A history of behavior can be damaging to one’s character if brought to trial.

Whether you were the intoxicated driver or the victim, a visit to a reputable law firm could help you form your case. When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, establishing who was at fault is a crucial turning point in the case. It can be helpful to have someone in your corner who knows what they’re doing.

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