July 20, 2024

When To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Car accident injury lawyer

From a distracted driving accident attorney to a wrongful death attorney, many different types of personal injury cases occur in the United States every single year. Fortunately, up to 96% of all of these cases are able to be settled outside of the courtroom, with no more than 5% ever going to trial or being seen before a judge. This is part due to competent attorneys like an experienced distracted driving accident attorney, who can work with the parties involved and other lawyers involved to settle on an agreement that satisfies all.

Motor vehicle accidents are by far the most common type of accident that leads to a personal injury case and sometimes a personal injury trial, making up more than half of all the personal injury cases in the United States. There are a number of causes for a motor vehicle accident that can be easily prevented, and distracted driving is one of them, often necessitating the need for a distracted driving accident attorney if a personal injury case is eventually filed. Distracted driving refers to anything that consistently distracts a driver while they should be focused on the road, but it is mostly caused by distraction by electronic devices, namely cell phones. Even just looking down at a cell phone for five seconds can cause a driver who is going at 55 miles per hour to not look at the road for the entire length of a football field, and distracted driving takes more than 3,000 lives in the United States every single year. There are 6 million car accidents in the United States alone every year, and at least 3 million injuries resulting from them. Distracted driving makes up many of these injuries and can often lead to death as well. A distracted driving accident attorney is often necessary for the defendant in these cases, and it is in the best interests of the defendant to choose a well practiced distracted driving accident attorney to represent them, particularly when they are faced with a wrongful death lawyer.

Aside from distracted driving and other causes for preventable motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice is the second leading cause of personal injury cases, making up around 15% of all personal injury cases that are filed in a year. Medical malpractice spans the entire scope of medical practice and causes more than 200,000 deaths in a single year. Many of medical malpractice cases are related to birth injuries or the avoidable deaths of mother, child, or both parties.

Falls are another common cause for a personal injury case to be filed, particularly when they happen in a workplace setting. For instance, falls cause the greatest number of traumatic brain injuries, which can have a considerable impact on the quality of life of the fall victim and even change their life significantly. Many fall victims who suffer from a traumatic brain injury are unable to return to work in their original capacity. That, combined with whatever medical bills they have accrued from their treatment, and the finances of those who suffer a traumatic brain injury from a fall often take a severe hit.

From car accidents to workplace falls to even cases of medical malpractice, hiring a competent lawyer like a distracted driving accident attorney is always a good idea for both the plaintiff as well as the defendant. A competent attorney from a well renowned law firm can help make navigating the legal world considerably less stressful, making the process of filing a personal injury claim as anxiety free and simple as possible.

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