June 19, 2024

Three Traffic Charges That Definitely Require the Help of a Lawyer

Traffic violations

There are plenty of misdemeanor traffic offenses that don’t really require a lawyer — failing to stop completely at a stop sign, for example, or getting some traffic tickets for parking in the wrong spot. And to be honest, if you wish to represent yourself in court (which is rarely a good idea), you technically don’t need a lawyer, whether you plead guilty to the charge or whether you try fighting a traffic ticket in court.

But there are a few situations when hiring a traffic ticket attorney is the first thing you should do. For example…

With a DUI charge, you definitely should have a DUI defense attorney on your side. Drunk driving is one of the more serious traffic violations today, even a first-time offense can cost you thousands of dollars, and you can even spend some time in jail. If you’ve been convicted of a DUI charge before, or if you have some special factors influencing your charge (e.g., if you’re under 21, or if you were driving a commercial vehicle), then it’s essential to get legal help.

Hit and run violations are actually much more common than you’d think; a lot of drivers flee the scene of an accident simply because they panic and don’t know what else to do. Unfortunately, these accidents are often the most serious ones — when a lot of property damage has occurred, or when a pedestrian has been hit, for example. A hit and run charge can quickly turn any small offense into a felony traffic violation.

And if you were caught driving with a suspended drivers license, it is possible to get out your ticket — but it’s almost a necessity to have a lawyer’s help. There are only a few reasons why a court would overlook someone driving with a suspended drivers license, and a lawyer will be able to find the perfect angle that’s most likely to help your case.

It’s important to understand that hiring a lawyer for a traffic violation won’t ensure that the charges against you are dropped. But even if the charges are lessened, or a reasonable plea deal can be reached, hiring a lawyer is your best option.

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