May 23, 2024

Some Journeys Shouldn’t Be Taken Alone Why You Should Hire An Attorney When Filing Divorce Forms

You’ve made the decision to finally go through with your divorce forms. Turns out your work is still not done.

You have family assets to relocate, child custody lawyers to talk to and a dozen other financial issues clamoring for attention. Divorce can be simple for some and easy for others, but the process of navigating the legal system is an act few people are truly prepared for. Instead of attempting to figure out everything on your own, reach out to divorce lawyers who want nothing more than to see this long and arduous process finished as quickly as possible. When a simple divorce can take years to finalize, it helps to have as much experience on your side as possible.

Whether you’re familiar with child custody laws or only getting started on your last divorce forms, the list below will clear up any basic questions you have.

Did You Know?

There are a few interesting facts you might not know about divorce and marriage in the United States. Studies have shown the month of February, ironically enough, to be the month with the most divorce filings. Living together before marriage is also no longer a strong predictor of divorce, thanks to recent studies released by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention. Many classic perspectives of marriage simply don’t apply in the modern day. Even applying for divorce forms can take on an entirely new perspective depending on the age of your child, your job and where you live.


While living together before marriage is not a strong indicator either way, there are still certain patterns that can be tracked when it comes to the future. According to recent statistics the divorce rate for a first marriage has remained steady at 40%. A second marriage rises up to 60% and a third marriage nearly 75%. An interesting study revealed a marriage is up to 75% more likely to end in divorce if one partner smokes. Irregardless of the unique details in your own marriage, custody evaluation help and general consultations will take some of the sting out of your journey.


Divorce has been steadily rising over the past few decades. Marriages have been found to last longer when people marry at an older age or have a higher education. Likewise, certain details can seem surprising when it comes to increased divorce rates. Certain career fields, for example, have been found to boast higher rates than others. Salespeople, optometrists, podiatrists, agricultural engineers and nuclear engineers all have a much higher chance of separation than other professions. Currently, the top five reasons for divorce are infidelity, communication problems, abuse, loss of interest and financial problems.

Child Custody

Divorce is tricky enough as it is. You shouldn’t attempt to wade through the murky waters of child custody alone, either. Children of divorced parents have a lot to navigate between divorce forms and a new future. Studies have shown they are twice as likely to drop out of high school as well as less likely to attend college. Whether or not this decision is best for all parties is entirely up to you and yours, though it will be a little easier with the aid of mediation. Visitation rights, asset relocation and counseling can all be worked out alongside your divorce forms.

Finalizing Your Divorce Forms

Divorce for physicians and divorce for a third marriage all benefit from the aid of an attorney. Every year over one million people have parents who separate or divorce. While divorce has been linked to increased health issues, it’s also been linked to higher rates of personal satisfaction. This is a decision you haven’t made lightly. You’ve weighed the positives and benefits, both financial and emotional, and decided to take the plunge. Divorce forms can take months, even years, to fully process in the American legal system.

The end of your journey is still a lot closer than you think.

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