May 23, 2024

Legal Insurance Provides Safeguards for Legal Expenses

Legal bills

Much like medical insurance, legal insurance offers individuals access to legal help if it should become necessary. Legal plans for individuals offer protection and access to a trusted legal professional without creating a huge and unexpected financial burden. Affordable and accessible legal representation is a reality with legal insurance plans.

Do you need legal insurance?

There are all kinds of unexpected situations in which you might find yourself needing an attorney. You may be facing DUI charges – each year 1.4 million people are arrested for a first DUI offense. Or you may want to make a will. Or you may need a malpractice lawyer; according to an FTC survey, fraudulent weight-loss products were the top fraudulent product or service surveyed with an estimated 4.8 million U.S. consumers being victimized by false claims and advertising.

Or you may find yourself in divorce proceedings, and needing legal advice to help you to sort out issues regarding property, child custody, visitation etc.

How can legal insurance help you?

When you need legal help and advice unexpectedly, how do know whom to contact? And how do you pay for the legal costs entailed? In a Harris Poll, 49%) of the respondents said that they were “very or somewhat likely” to look for legal advice on websites where users can post questions for lawyers. But looking for legal help online can be a random and chancy matter.

Legal insurance gives you access to an attorney network when you need it, without financial stresses. The network allows you to find an attorney who specializes in the particular area of practice in which you need help. Once you’ve found the attorney you’d like to work with, legal insurance takes care of all fees, leaving you free to concentrate on legal matters rather than financial worries.

Legal insurance covers almost every aspect of your life, including consumer law, criminal law, estate planning, family law, financial law and more.

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