June 21, 2024

Are You Looking for Ways to Avoid Filing for Personal Bankruptcy?

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It is not fair that you are paying the highest price for other people?s carelessness. It is difficult to deny that your personal bankruptcy is the result of someone else?s neglect. After working for 30 years in unhealthy air conditions, you are paying the price with your health. While you thought that something was unusual about the chronic cough that you developed in the last five years on the job, your employer denied that there was any problem with the air quality in the factory.
Now, as you face a pile of unpaid hospital bills, you see no way out of the situation except to file for personal bankruptcy. Your sister has recommended that you at least talk to a trial consulting representative to see if there is any way you can get some help from your former employer. She has heard that other claimants have reached settlement agreements, and she thinks that you should do the same.
Did you know that nearly 40% of Americans are concerned about air quality? Carbon emissions contribute to poor outdoor air quality and particulate matter and other pollutants contribute to indoor air quality issues. In fact, some of the most extensive research indicates that this country could save as many as 5,000 lives a year by paying closer attention to air quality issues. In addition to saving lives, more regulation of clean air standards would save thousands of people from respiratory and heart disease that is contributed to industrial plant toxic air.
An obvious side effect of these deaths and illnesses caused by unchecked air quality is the enormous amount of medical bills that some of these patients and their families face. Medical expenses, that in 62% of personal bankruptcy cases, become impossible to handle.
A qualified team of trial attorneys can provide personal injury litigation advice, as well as a qualified resource for the supervision of claims. In many of these cases, a team of lawyers can meet for a free consultation to evaluate your opportunity for reaching a financial settlement outside of court, perhaps helping you avoid filing for personal bankruptcy. A bankruptcy that may be caused by the carelessness or denial of an employer who was making millions at the cost of your health.
If the best legal advice does not think that you have a personal injury case that is worthy of a financial settlement, they may be able to offer you bankruptcy mediation.

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