July 20, 2024

Fact Check is the US Really a Nation of Immigrants?

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Politicians from both sides of the aisle love to say that “The United States is a nation of immigrants.” But unlike most vague, feel-good political platitudes, this statement actually checks out. From that fateful day in the 17th century when the pilgrims first stepped onto Plymouth Rock, to the steamer ships that sailed past the Statue of Liberty, America has always been a destination for migrants all over the world.

But just how many immigrants have come to America? Let’s break down the numbers:

  • Between 1870 and 1930, 30 million people immigrated to America from all corners of the earth, including China, Ireland, and Germany. Millions of them sailed past the iconic Statue of Liberty before entering through Ellis Island outside New York City.
  • From 1820 to 1930, the United States took in 60% of global immigrants.
  • Today, roughly 20% of all international migrants live in the States.
  • By 2012, Mexican-born migrants made up 28% of the 41 million immigrants living here. In New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Idaho, and Arkansas, Mexican-born immigrants accounted for more than half of the total immigrant population in those states.
  • Every year, immigrants receive 1,001,715 U.S. green cards.

So the next time you hear someone say that America is a nation of immigrants, you’ll know they’re telling the truth. Today, millions of immigrants still travel to America, and as a result, we have an incredibly complicated set of laws regulating migration.

That’s why so many foreign visitors, migrants, and asylum seekers often need the best immigration lawyers to help them understand our dizzying federal immigration law. Because so many immigrants want to relocate in the country, inevitably many of them will have their applications rejected. Even for foreign visitors who are already living, working, or studying here, the green card application process is difficult to understand.

And if you are an immigrant and you’re wondering how to get a green card, or wondering how hard is it to obtain a workers visa, consider hiring the best immigration lawyers you can find to help guide you through the process.

Good luck!

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