July 13, 2024

4 Things to do Right Away if You are Injured to Ensure Fair Compensation

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Nobody wants to think of disastrous situations befalling yourself or your loved ones, however being aware of how to react in the worst case scenarios could make a difference in being fairly compensated for your injuries.

Unfortunately, the scenarios where you or a loved one could experience catastrophic injuries because of a mistake someone else made are so extensive that it is impossible to list how to handle every type of incident specifically. For example, 225,000 people suffer fatalities every year due to medical malpractice and there are over 3 million serious workplace injuries every year. However, here are a few tips that could make recovering damages for your injury a lot less stressful in any personal injury cases:

  1. Have your injuries reviewed by a doctor immediately. Failing to seek medical attention immediately after an accident could diminish the settlement that you get. The defense may claim that you failed to “mitigate your losses” if you delay medical attention. This means that the extent of your injury was partially caused by your own neglect. Additionally, visiting a doctor ensures that your injury is properly documented and improves personal injury outcomes.
  2. If applicable, file a police report. Otherwise, make sure to document the incident immediately, while the details are fresh. Documenting everything is key with personal injury law. If your injury is the result of an accident, filing a police report and including a detailed account of the incident will be the most vital piece of your claim. With workers compensation claims, make sure to properly file a report through the proper channels at your job, and make copies of every document you submit. Corresponding with opposing parties via email is a good idea because then all communications are thoroughly documented.
  3. Be very careful about what you say regarding the incident. This point is important specifically following the accident. You have no responsibility to state whose fault it is at the scene. While it might be human nature to comfort the other party immediately after the incident, even the slightest comment could be used as an acceptance of blame and inhibit being justly compensated for your injuries.

    While your case is being resolved, and even after it is settled, refrain from making any mention of it on social media. Even with the tightest privacy settings, anything you say regarding your case or your personal condition online could be subpoenaed and used against you in litigation if it is deemed relevant.
  4. Hire an attorney for personal injury who you trust. A good attorney for personal injury will help you understand documents before you sign them, ensuring that you do not agree to anything that is not in your best interest. When you are offered a settlement, having an attorney for personal injury on your team will help make sure that you don’t agree to terms that are less than you deserve.

Have you ever needed an attorney for personal injury? How did you find one and how was your experience? Please leave a comment with the details!

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