June 21, 2024

Couples Therapists Report That Half of Their Clients Are There Because of Infidelity

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Although both men and woman are waiting longer to get married, the divorce rate in America continues to hold steady at about 40%, according to recent studies. Experts say that although couples with children may divorce at a slightly lower rate, the rate of divorce does increase with each successive marriage. Almost two-thirds of second marriages end in divorce, and about three-quarters of third marriages fail, regardless of the age of the people who enter into them.

With infidelity reported as the primary cause of divorce, recent studies also point to long-term personality conflicts, drug or alcohol abuse, and financial disputes as frequent reasons for long-term separation and divorce. Women file for most divorces, studies show, and contested divorce forms and legal proceedings can often take months — or even years — to complete.

Filing uncontested divorce paperwork is an option when both parties agree on the issues involved. Divorce papers can be signed and processed more quickly when a divorce is uncontested, and legal fees can be kept relatively low. In the event of a contested divorce with financial or property disputes, a court date must be set by each party’s lawyer and formal divorce proceedings have to take place in front of a judge.

Individuals who need a divorce lawyer may want to obtain a referral from a close associate who achieved a successful outcome in their divorce proceedings. Some divorce lawyers can advise clients as to the potential costs of divorce, options for low cost divorces, and likely timeframes if they are committed to filing uncontested divorce paperwork.

In general, studies show that couples who wait three years or longer to get married have a statistically significant drop in the rate of divorce. Couples therapists across the country indicated recently to researchers that fully half of all their clients are dealing with issues related to infidelity. Despite cautionary tales and longer wait times to get married, some couples still find that they need to seek legal representation in order to complete proceedings for a legal divorce.

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