May 23, 2024

Your Love Story Doesn’t Have to End in Uncontested Divorce Forms

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Not every love story goes as those involved might expect it to. Society, media, and just about every story we have heard or seen since childhood paints a very specific, idealistic portrait of what love and relationships should look like. We are bombarded from every direction with the ideas of what we should shoot for and how to achieve happily ever after, but what we are bombarded with, or what is hardly even mentioned, is the path that must be traversed to get there. In fact it should not come as much of a surprise that so many marriages end in divorce when we are force-fed one fantasy and often left completely uninformed of the realities.

Why there are an increasing number of uncontested divorce forms

Everyone is different. Most people realize this. But somehow this does not translate to the ideal romances that leap out at us from books and movies. Everyone wishes for that perfect romance, and not everyone considers the other aspects of a relationship between two people: the fact that there are two people, which means there will often be two version, interpretations, perspectives, desires and thoughts on nearly everything, or at least a good deal more than many are prepared for. In the United States, there are two divorces every single minute. It is not uncommon at all anymore to hear that another couple is separating. And it could be for any number of reasons.

Why people decide to go their separate ways
Of course, there are marriages that end as a result of the desires of one person over the other. Not everyone ends up dealing with uncontested divorce forms. Women are the major filers, as about 67% of divorces are filed for by women. But often there has been a serious misstep that leads up to it that the offender cannot deny, such as infidelity. The Journal of Family Issues published a study that showed 21.6% of those who responded reporting that infidelity is what brought their marriage to an end.

And sometimes, even if both people agree to the divorce, there is a disagreement about property or child custody that doesn’t lend itself very well to uncontested divorce forms either. Getting legal aid for divorce proceedings is highly recommended, as the process can too often become complex, confusing, and lead to heightened emotions that are not ideal for settling such serious matters.

Getting divorce help

Finding a low cost divorce attorney who comes highly recommended
might seem difficult at first, but it is certainly worth it. Ending a relationship that you were likely raised to believe was going to last forever is often very difficult to handle, and having a professional handle the logistics is a good idea. In the midst of heartache, settling property, financial, or custody issues is often the very last thing you want to deal with. It simply makes the most sense to hire a good divorce attorney who will help to guide you through the process as well as ensure that your rights are protected.

Give it some time

Back in the 1950s, most men were getting married at the age of 23, and women were getting married around the age of 20 years old. Over half a century later, people have started to hold out a bit longer, as men are getting married closer to age 27, and the median age for women is 26. Yes, you are an adult in your early 20s, but there is still so much to learn about yourself and about the world! And yes, you are probably madly in love with the person you started dating not long ago, but it takes time to truly get to know someone and decide if he or she is the person you never want to be without. People change, and often during your 20s there is a quite significant change as you figure out your place in the world.

Waiting a bit can be the best choice if you don’t want to be looking at divorce papers eventually, even if they are uncontested divorce forms.

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