September 29, 2022

A Day In the Life of an Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning indeed is easier than you think. Yes, there is a decision-making process. That is why you need an estate attorney to guide you through the process of estate planning.

So why do we need an estate attorney, and what services do they offer?


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Settling the Estate of Clients

For instance, when a person died and wrote on his will about leaving his estate to a testamentary trust, it just so happened that the trustee of the trust was dead. Of course, the estate is not yet settled, even if he died years ago. So, as an estate attorney, they will go through the system of bureaucracy to determine the client’s estate.

2. Estate Planning to Protect Members of the Family

An estate attorney’s job is to help family or married couples by giving them a simple process for their children. It’s about a program that if something happens to the parents, it’s easier for them to let their beneficiaries do things for them while they’re still alive but incapacitated.

And if one of the spouses died, it would be easier for the surviving spouse or beneficiary since the estate planning was done ahead of time.

3. Family Trust in Place Process

This is about making sure that money from sold properties is protected. It should be protected from getting scammed, and the money is not going anywhere.


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