May 23, 2024

You Don’t Have To Go Through Your Divorce Alone Why You Should Consider Hiring An Attorney

Divorce is a messy process, even if you’ve been through it before.

You have to consider relocating assets, from your house to expensive antiques. You have to figure out dividing your business, if it was shared at all. When you add children to the mix it can seem tempting to avoid the process altogether, in the hopes things will finally change in the nick of time. Child custody lawyers are here to help you with these disputes and give you options when all seems lost. They can help you file paperwork and talk you through international custody disputes, step-by-step.

What is divorce like today? What should you expect when sitting down with family divorce lawyers? Take a look below and familiarize yourself with the landscape before taking the plunge.

What Are The Rates Of Divorce These Days?

Divorce rates are on the rise, according to recent studies. Interestingly enough, the month of February (commonly associated with love) is the month with the most divorce filings. The United States currently boasts a divorce rate of 40% for a first marriage, with second marriages rising to 60% on average. The highest probability for a divorce is the third marriage at nearly 75%. Western states have been found to have the highest rates of marriage and divorce, followed closely by the South.

How Has The Perspective On Marriage Changed?

Even as you look up international custody disputes you might be asking yourself what’s changed. Marriage is commonly purported to be a major life goal, yet today’s divorce rates are suggesting otherwise. Every year over one million people have parents who separate or divorce in the United States. Many factors are being touted as major reasons why people get divorced, from financial woes to changing cultural perspective. Whatever reasons you have for seeking out a Galveston child custody lawyer, make sure they’re your own.

Are There Common Indicators For Divorce?

Some signs for divorce are obvious. Others are subtle, able to be missed again and again until it’s too late. This can seem difficult to believe, but recent studies have found direct correlation between smoking and divorce rates. If one partner smokes a marriage is up to 75% more likely to end in a divorce. Living together before marriage is no longer a strong predictor of divorce, either, thanks to a study released by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention.

What Is The Psychological Impact Of Divorce?

Divorce can leave a significant impact on the mental and emotional well-being of those involved. That doesn’t mean it’s not important or needs to be done, however. Recent studies have shown children of divorced parents are twice as likely to drop out of high school than those without. Some attribute this to less financial stability, though, and not necessarily a lack of emotional support. It’s up to you what’s most essential in your life and whether or not a divorce can help you get there.

How Does The Divorce Process Work?

You want to seek out an attorney for child custody and talk about international custody disputes. You’re worried about the psychological impact of a separation and want to ensure you have your finances covered. All your concerns are best addressed by visiting your local law firm. They can set you up with a professional that has seen a hundred cases like yours and is already well-equipped to set you on the right path. Additional resources, like couples counseling and international custody disputes, can be discussed.

The only way to approach a mess is to start somewhere. Take your first step by talking with a Galveston child custody lawyer.

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