July 20, 2024

Who to Call if You Suspect a Building Code Violation

Nassau county commercial real estate lawyer

When laws are being broken, the type of crime committed determines the type of legal representation you will require. In fact, it was not until the Normal Invasion of England that such distinctions (between civil and criminal matters) were made. For example, criminal offenses include white collar crimes, assault, burglary, homicide, sex and vehicular offenses, and drug and weapons offenses, to name a few. Traffic violations can involve more than running a red light; reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, or unlicensed operation of a vehicle is also a crime. On the other hand, civil matters, such as tenant lawyer issues, require the help of a Nassau County landlord tenant lawyer or NYC building code violations lawyers.

Which ever unfortunate situation you may find yourself in, legal aid from Nassau County criminal defense lawyers, or civil defense lawyers, is often warranted. In New York State, for example, fire code violations are a serious criminal offense, and if you suspect your landlord is in violation, requires representation from a Nassau county commercial real estate lawyer or NYC building code violations lawyers. Likewise, if you have been cited by a building code violation, it would behoove you to hire Nyc building code violations lawyers as soon as possible. NYC building code violations lawyers are experts in their field, and can help you rectify the situation (either through fixing or dismissing the violation) efficiently and professionally.

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