June 20, 2024

What Are the Most Common Injuries Caused by Car Accidents?

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 10 million car accidents in the United States each and every year. While many people involved in car accidents walk away with little more than a sore neck for a few days, many others are terribly injured, resulting in never ending medical bills and a condition that follows them for life. Of all the personal injury lawsuits experienced injury attorneys fight for in court every year, a significant number are started to seek out car accident compensation.

Now, you might be thinking that you would never hire serious injury attorneys to take someone to court after a car accident. However, when you realize that the National Safety Council estimates that the average car accident injury costs $78,900 in medical bills, you might just change your tune. If you’re hurt in a car and sustain any of the following injuries, it truly could be in your best interest to hire car accidents lawyers who can help you find justice.

Three of the Most Common Injuries Serious Injury Attorneys See

  1. Permanent Brain Damage
  2. As CarAccidentInfo.com points out, brain injuries are one of the stealthiest of all car accident injuries, as they can’t typically be seen without a medical scan. If left untreated, brain injuries can cause paralysis, a loss of motor skills, decreased intelligence, and even death. Subsequently, it always pays to get checked out if you’re feeling poorly after an accident.

  3. Soft Tissue Injuries That Turn into Something More
  4. Whiplash is caused when sudden force is applied in the opposite direction your body is moving. As NOLO.com points out, the pain caused by whiplash is due to damage caused to your soft tissue, like muscles and tendons. In serious cases, whiplash can lead to debilitating back injuries.

  5. Fractures in the Arms and Legs
  6. Many people seek out serious injury attorneys after an accident has broken their arms and legs, and it’s not too hard to understand why. These are the things we use to negotiate the world, to interact with the people and things we care about around us. If these injuries are bad enough, they will leave our extremities in worse condition than they were before, greatly decreasing quality of life.

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