May 24, 2024

What Are the Greatest Threats on the Road?

Auto accident lawyers

Did you know that, in any given month, the 2012 Traffic Safety Culture Index reveals that 70% of Americans illegally talk on phones while driving, and over a third answer texts and e-mails behind the wheel? Distracted driving is the third leading cause of car accidents, right behind drunk driving and speeding. If you are a victim of distracted driving, you may be eligible for compensation. When are auto accidents most likely to happen, and how do you file auto accident injury claims?

What Causes Auto Accidents?

Distracted driving kills 3,331 people per year, and injures another 387,000 Americans, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). Today’s increasingly digital world raises interesting contradictions. For example, the AAA Association for Traffic Safety reveals that 90% of Americans feel “somewhat” or “very” threatened by others talking on cellphones while driving. The same report shows that 70% of drivers admit to doing it themselves. Other high-risks situations include driving in densely populated cities, or driving a black car at night-time.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Staying safe and keeping insurance rates low depends on taking critical steps when car crashes occur. First and foremost, parties should assess health and safety risks. Call 911 immediately at the first sign of serious injury. Drivers should also remember to contact the police, file an official accident report, and speak with insurance agents as soon as possible. Steve Frisina, an insurance company president, advises drivers, “There should be no admission of fault on either side but just an exchange of details — it’s the adjuster’s job to get the information from the individuals.”

With the law and increased insurance premiums in the balance, it is always a good idea to talk to auto injury lawyers or semi truck accident attorneys, depending on your particular circumstances.

Statistically, car accidents and collisions are unavoidable. Know the high-risk situations, and be prepared to talk to personal injury or semi truck accident attorneys after an auto accident. Read more: St. louis truck accident attorney Learn more: St. louis truck accident attorney

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