June 19, 2024

Traffic Accidents Happen — But When They’re Serious, Legal Help Is Incredibly Essential

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Considering that there were an estimated 200 million licensed drivers in the U.S. according to government data from 2014 — and countless unlicensed drivers, too — it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that misdemeanor traffic violations are incredibly common; nearly every driver gets ticketed for something like a traffic light violation or for speeding, because people make mistakes and stuff like this happens.

But it’s also important to realize that serious traffic violations occur quite frequently, and fighting a red light ticket in town court is definitely not on the same level as dealing with a hit and run offense that involved serious personal injuries or property damage. While you may be able to beat your ticket if you’re dealing with a small misdemeanor traffic offense, there are a few traffic violations which pretty much require legal help. For instance,

Hit and run offenses: Which can occur any time you’re involved in an accident where there was personal injury or property damage, and you flee the scene of the accident without providing any contact information or making any reports to the police.

Driving under the influence: This can apply to both drugs and alcohol, and the penalties for DUI and DWI traffic violations can be pretty steep. Although it’s very difficult to beat a ticket in this case, simply because there’s so much hard evidence to incriminate you, an experienced lawyer may be able to lessen the punishments due to mitigating circumstances.

Driving with a suspended license: Of all the serious traffic violations you could be dealing with, this one is probably one of the most difficult ones to fight in court. If your license has been suspended, that implies that you’re already guilty of a previous legal offense (which may or may not be from a traffic-related incident), and in most cases, the drivers know that they legally do not have permission to drive. It’s not impossible to beat these tickets or have the charges lessened, but it definitely requires some help from an attorney.

Ultimately, if you find yourself dealing with any traffic offense, no matter how serious or small it may be, never hesitate to seek help from a legal professional.

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