July 20, 2024

Top Three Reasons to Invest in a Good Lawyer

Federal criminal defense

You are driving along the road when those blue flashing lights start behind you. Perhaps you’ve had a drink, or maybe you haven’t, but you’re in trouble nonetheless. A police officer cannot pull you over unless he has a reason to do so, whether you were swerving, speeding, or just didn’t wait quite long enough at a stop sign. This is a situation you never want to be in, and if you did have a drink, you definitely want to ask yourself: “How do I find a good attorney?” Just in Ohio, 44,789 people have had five or more OVI convictions by their Department of Public Safety’s count, so you know their police are experienced at doing everything they can to pin a DUI on you; you need to find a DUI attorney who is just as experienced at defending people from these charges. Here are three reasons to do everything you can do avoid an OVI conviction:

1. Fine

An OVI conviction in Ohio can cost a person between $250 and $1000 in fines, which is not pocket change. This is on top of any legal fees one might have to pay which can be notoriously steep as well. Either one of these fees are very expensive, but if you find yourself asking “How do I afford a good attorney” instead of “How do I find a good attorney,” just remember that finding a good attorney could mean not paying the OVI fine and that a good attorney oftentimes isn’t much more expensive than a bad one. Make sure you find the best attorney you can!

2. Lose license

On top of those two fees, even being convicted of an OVI for the first time in Ohio can result in a person’s license being revoked. This comes with a hefty $450 price tag for reinstatement. Whether it’s due to the hassle or the half-a-thousand dollar fine, this is another really strong reason not to let a DUI conviction happen to you even once, because the fines and punishments only become steeper with more convictions. You’ll want to ask yourself “How do I find a good attorney” and find a good lawyer the first time so that you don’t have to ask a second time when you go on appeal.

3. Jail

As if the fees and license revocation weren’t enough, even a first-time OVI conviction in Ohio can land you in jail for any amount of time from three days to six months. Not only will that time follow you to your next job interview or court hearing, that’s also time you would not get back. That is time where you are not working and making money, so hiring the best DUI attorney can end up saving you money in the long run. What’s your most compelling reason to hire a good lawyer? For more, read this link.

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