May 24, 2024

Three Possible Traffic Ticket Scenarios, And How You Could Get Out of Them

Traffic ticket misdemeanor

Getting ticketed while you’re driving is probably the least fun thing that can happen. It’s also something that can have some really serious long-term effects on your life if you accrue too many traffic violations — even tickets for misdemeanor traffic offenses. With that in mind, here are three common traffic violations and three possible defenses you could use for getting out of a traffic ticket:

If you get caught driving with a suspended license: This one is tough — probably the toughest violation listed here, in terms of your chances of getting out of a traffic ticket. The most common, and most successful, defense to use is that you weren’t aware that your license had been suspended. Legally, the suspension isn’t valid until you’ve been notified with an official letter. For this violation, getting some legal help is definitely the best way to handle it.

For stop sign and red light violations issued by a traffic camera: If your ticket was issued because you were caught by a traffic camera, it will probably be a lot easier to get out of the ticket. In fact, many states already impose strict regulations when these cameras are used, and sometimes traffic cameras are completely illegal (meaning your ticket isn’t valid).

For stop sign and red light violations issued by an officer: On the other hand, if a real person issues a ticket for a red light or stop sign violation, you’ll have to work a bit harder with your defense. Many common defenses are that the sign/light was obstructed, that a part of your car malfunctioned, or that the weather conditions were bad and the driver couldn’t see the sign/light. With all of these defenses, you’ll definitely need to have some proof (like a picture or a receipt from an auto repair shop) in order to get out of a ticket.

Now we’re asking you for some help! If you have any experience finagling your way out of a traffic ticket, what excuse or defense worked for you? Helpful sites.

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