June 19, 2024

Three Answers To Three Important Questions About Traffic Cameras

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Red light camera systems were installed in intersections across the country many years ago, but as more studies appear that show the inaccuracies and unfair traffic light violation charges that often result from these cameras, more states are beginning to prohibit the use of red light cameras or place heavy restrictions on how and when they can be used. As a driver, here are a few things about red light camera tickets that you should know:

What’s the deal with these cameras, and where are they?

These radar cameras are often placed at intersections and at automated highway turnstiles. Some states allow these cameras to be used to catch drivers who are speeding and drivers who pass through red lights, some states only allow the cameras to be used for red light traffic violations, and some states prohibit the use of these cameras altogether.

How are red light camera tickets issued?

The cameras often collect data about a vehicle’s speed using radar, and they also take pictures of the car’s license plate. You can get a ticket for running a red light if your car passes through a light when it turns red, resulting in a photo of your car and license plate number, and the ticket will be sent to the address that’s on file with that license plate number (which would be your address, unless you’re driving someone else’s car).

Is it possible to beat a traffic ticket that was issued because of data from these cameras?

In some cases, and in some states, it’s much easier to fight a traffic ticket if the only evidence against you is taken from a camera (which may seem a bit backwards to some people, since concrete evidence is generally more reliable than another person’s testimony). There are plenty of different defenses to use against these tickets, and if your state has recently passed legislation that restricts or prohibits the use of traffic cameras (and many states have begun doing this), it may be even easier to beat your ticket.

As always, remember that seeking legal advice from professionals in the industry — who really know the traffic laws of your state inside and out — is the best option to ensure that your ticket is handled properly and professionally. For more information see this.

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