April 17, 2024

Stopped By a Cop? Follow These Tips to Avoid a Ticket

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Most drivers will receive a ticket for one of many traffic violations at some point in their lives, whether for speeding, using a cell phone, or another common mistake. In these situations, the best way to beat one of these tickets is to hire a traffic ticket attorney to help you organize and argue your case. However, getting out of a traffic ticket often begins when a police officer initially stops you for the violation. The next time you get pulled over, follow the steps below to reduce the chances of the incident showing up on your record.

Take a Deep Breath
From the first moment you see those blue lights, start taking steps to present a calm, composed, negotiable demeanor. No one likes dealing with an irate driver, least of all cops, so presenting an agreeable attitude is the first step to getting out of a traffic ticket.

Prepare the Scene
Make the officer feel safe by turning your car off, turning on the interior lights, and placing your hands in a neutral position at the top of the steering wheel. If you are wearing a hat or sunglasses, take them off. Whatever you do, don’t get out of the car. This shows the officer that you are ready to be compliant, and are likely going to be less of a problem than some of the other drivers they have likely had to deal with that day.

Be Polite and Wait Until the Preliminary Procedure is Finished to Speak
Follow instructions until the cop has taken care of the basics; most officers likely won’t even speak to you until this process is over anyway. Once this part is over, however, ask if you can speak to them about your violation. If you know you broke the law, admit it and tell the officer that they were right to pull you over. However, politely ask a few questions to show that you are paying attention and care about the situation, such as asking to see the radar. If the officer refuses, don’t press the issue: traffic ticket lawyers can handle this in court.

Plead Your Case
While you don’t want this exchange too long, especially if you are parked alongside a busy roadway, ask for mercy once the basics have been established. Be sincere, resist the urge to argue or get angry, and let the officer know how much it means to you. You don’t have to grovel, but begging never hurt anyone. And don’t forget to be just as thankful if they decide to let you go.

Leave a Positive but Unremarkable Impression
By the time the officer leaves, whether you have been successful at getting out of a traffic ticket or not, make sure you have given the officer no reason to remember you specifically. Cops deal with impolite, sometimes terrible people constantly, and focusing on these people rather than the polite, normal ones is often better for their day-to-day work. You next steps for fighting a traffic ticket, if you have received one, will take place in court: hire a traffic ticket attorney immediately to help you remove the violation from your record.

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