June 20, 2024

Involved in a Plane Crash Lawsuit? Why You Need a Specialized Attorney ASAP

What to ask an attorney

We have all watched in fear at news reports surrounding airplane crashes. We have all wondered about the likeliness of a plane crash as we board our flight. Airplane crashes can and do happen. In most cases when they happen, it results in high death tolls. However, a problem with an air carrier does not always result in death. When you experience a problem with an airline or have a family member that was injured or killed in an airline crash, you are subject to damages and losses. It is important to consult with a plane crash lawyer on your options.

Cause of accident

The biggest factor that will be used in your plane crash case is the cause of the accident. Sometimes, accidents happen and they are not the intentional fault of anyone. In most cases, however, an airplane crash is caused by something. Although it may not be intentional, it is generally the result of mechanical failures, collisions in the sky, or pilot error. If you or your loved one were subject to an airplane crash at the cause of the airline or the pilot, you are subject to damages. With 53% of fatal airplane crashes being caused by pilot error (Statistic Brain), it is always a possibility.

The importance of early consultation

Airlines are prepared in handling emergencies. They have safety protocols and regulations in place for when plane crashes or plane mechanical problems occur. It is very possible that you hear from the airlines air accident attorneys very quickly. However, it is important to remember that their interests are with protecting the airliner. It is crucial that you find an attorney that will represent you and your individual rights. Do not sign or agree to anything until you have had an initial consultation with your plane crash lawyer.

Demand answers

It is also possible that the airline will attempt to keep some of the facts from you. They do not want negative publicity getting out the media, including airline mechanical problems or pilot errors. These types of accidents cause people to think less of a specific airline and can drastically harm their future business. If you or a loved one was involved in an airline accident or mechanical failure, you have a right to know what happened. Choosing an attorney that represents you personally is usually your best chance at obtaining answers.

Ensure you are protected

If an airline crash resulted in a permanent injury, you want to ensure that you are protected for life. Do not accept a settlement for immediate medical care that writes off your chances of future medical care. It is possible that your injury results in expensive medical costs one day and it may even hinder your ability to work. Find lawyers who are familiar with personal injury cases, especially when it related to airlines. Your airline injury may have not even occurred in the air. If you were harmed on the plane or in the airport, you are subject to the same rights as someone injured in a plane crash.

Chances of plane crash

You may be overwhelmed and not thinking straight following the airplane crash. The odds of being involved in a plane crash are extremely low, with 12.25 fatalities per million flight hours or a 1 in 29.4 million chance of dying on a single airline flight (Statistic Brain). If you, however, were a part of those odds and did experience a plane accident, be sure that you handle it correctly. Choose a plane crash lawyer that is capable of understanding your pain and represent you in the best way possible.

Plane crashes are a common fear among those who fly a lot. Although they are not extremely common occurrences, they are a possibility. When they happen, you want to be sure that you are prepared for the legal battles that soon follow. Most airplane accidents are caused by neglect or inexperience of the airline, meaning you are owed medical costs and damages. However, it is important to have a knowledgeable plane crash lawyer to protect your best interests.

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