June 21, 2024

How You Can Protect Yourself from Workplace Hazards

When to call a personal injury attorney

Though most people have a general idea of how to avoid injuries in the workplace, common sense and coordination can’t protect even the best workers from ongoing, unaddressed workplace safety issues.

Safety guidelines in the workplace are required to be posted in a place where employees can see them. Usually these offer tips for how to avoid injuries in the workplace, but again, there are still instances where employees will end up in danger.

When you come across an issue that imperils your safety in the workplace, there are labor laws that protect you, including the Occupational Safety and Health Act. You can report any issues to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration anonymously if your employer doesn’t seem to be acting on safety concerns, or if you’re afraid to bring a complaint to your employer.

One of the most important things OSHA does is protect employees from retaliation when they make a complaint about a workplace hazard. If you feel that your employer has taken action against you for reporting a safety concern, you should contact OSHA as soon as you can.

Your employer also can’t retaliate if you choose not to work until a safety hazard is resolved. You have a right to refuse to work if you feel that your life is in danger or you might be injured. If your employer tries to fire or discipline you for refusing to work in unsafe conditions, contact OSHA.

Though OSHA will usually help you take care of the situation, you may need to contact an employment lawyer if you lose wages over the situation, or a personal injury lawyer if you were injured after all.

Your employer should help you learn how to avoid injuries in the workplace, not foster an environment where injury is possible. Don’t be afraid to take them to task for your sake and the sake of your fellow workers. Chances are the law is on your side. Read more about this topic at this link.

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