How to Handle Workplace Exposure to Asbestos

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You may know what to do when you get injured on the job and the signs are apparent immediately, but it’s harder to know what to do when you get injured on the job and signs don’t appear until much later.

This is often the case with asbestos complications. So how can you recognize the signs, and what should you do if you need to pursue legal action?

Complications Caused by Asbestos

Prolonged exposure to asbestos can cause a variety of issues. Asbestos can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma, a type of cancer that affects the lining of the abdomen and chest. It can also cause gastrointestinal and colorectal cancers. Abnormalities in the chest cavity lining can result from asbestos exposure, and so can asbestosis, which causes buildup and inflammation in the lungs that can lead to severe respiratory issues. If you’re experiencing any of these conditions after exposure to asbestos, you’re entitled to compensation.

Are You Protected from Asbestos?

When deciding what to do when you get injured on the job, it’s important to consider what safety guidelines in the workplace were meant to protect you, and whether or not they did their job. Depending on the labor laws that affect your industry, you may be entitled to asbestos training, properly-ventilated work areas, asbestos exposure monitoring, protective clothing and equipment, medical examinations and post-exposure precautions like showers. If your workplace failed to provide something they were required to, you’ll have a strong lawsuit.

Who is Legally Responsible?

Liability may not lie with your employer. It often depends on your individual situation. If protective equipment failed to work properly, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the equipment manufacturers. You may also have the option to sue the owners of the premises where you were exposed to asbestos, or the contractors and sub-contractors who were working nearby and caused the exposure. Worker’s compensation may only apply if the employer has failed to protect employees.

Contact a personal injury lawyer in your area if you’ve believe you’ve been exposed to asbestos.

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