July 20, 2024

Hire the Best Litigator Available!

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Are you in need of legal representation for litigation or estate planning purposes? If so, you must hire a good business attorney. A business lawyer, like all other lawyers practicing in the United States, must pass the bar exam in order to be licensed. Therefore, when you hire a business attorney for litigation purposes, you know that you will be working with someone who has studied business law and litigation extensively, and who has been deemed worthy of practicing law by an expert panel.

There were approximately 57,501 filings through the Appeals Court system during the year 2012 in regards to litigation, as reported by U.S. Court System. Although some of these litigation cases were handled by the plaintiffs themselves, most were represented by litigation attorneys. Typically, litigation in a civil trial lasts a little over 3 and a half days. When one considers the vast number of litigation proceedings occurring in the United States at any one time, it makes sense that it can take a long time for someone pursuing litigation to get a court date.

The necessity of retaining a good business attorney becomes apparent when one considers
that the population currently serving time in a correctional facility went up by 3 percent last year. This number is expected to rise in the coming decades. Many people cannot afford to hire a good business attorney, and thus, they do not get the same high quality defense as those who are well off. This accounts for the discrepancy in convictions between poor people and those who are comparatively wealthy.

One area of litigation which is in need of excellent lawyers is workers compensation. A litigation attorney who specializes in workers compensation represents workers whose employers owe them benefits and compensation due to injury, termination, discrimination, or other employment related issues. Historically, workers were not imbued with the same rights as they are currently. In the past, it was significantly more challenging for an employee to pursue litigation against his employer half a century ago than it is right now. The labor rights movement precipitated a niche litigation movement that serves a meaningful purpose for workers who have been denied their rights. To see more, read this: handelinlaw.com

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