May 23, 2024

Get All the Legal Research You Need to Win Your Case

Assembly bill california

The law can be complicated. There are so many legal terms and phrases that often do not make sense to the average person, because a large portion of legal verbiage is derived from French and Latin. For this reason there are professional companies that help to decode legal documents, and also legal dictionaries that people can consult to explain these complicated terms.

In the U.S., these services are probably used quite often, especially during civil lawsuits, which are one of the most common types of lawsuits filed in the country. About $233 billion is spent on civil lawsuits in the U.S. annually, about 10% of them for medical malpractice, and approximately 13% for product liability issues, according to Statistic Brain.

A professional law research company can also be extremely useful in determining legislative intent for a lawsuit. Legislative intent refers to the original intent of the legislation. So, a lawyer working on a case against a bill that has recently been passed, or is in consideration, would try to find every avenue for the court to question the legal consequences, or intent, of the bill. By employing the help of a professional company that will research the bill’s legislative history, a lawyer can obtain any statutory history that could help discredit the legislative intent of the bill.

The premise of these legislative research companies is built on the fact that every law or statute has a history, and these historical documents can be crucial to a lawyer’s case. The court will then be able to review the documents that the research company is able to uncover for the lawyer. Using this research, courts analyze the text of the proposed bill, any amendments to the bill or statutes that were accepted or rejected, different legislative records, and other statutes that can help explain the one in question. These are only a few of the sources from a legal research company that courts use to make their decision.

Legislative history can be difficult to track and pinpoint, but the professionals at these legal research companies have access to several databases that contain important records. Without their help, it can be hard to win a case.

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