June 20, 2024

Four Reasons Why A DUI Defense Attorney Is A Good Idea

Fighting a traffic ticket

A May 2014 estimate indicated that there are nearly 200 million licensed drivers in the United States. Of course, there’s nothing at all wrong with that number, and you’d certainly rather see licensed than unlicensed drivers on the road, right? However, 200 million drivers also means 200 million chances for something to go wrong.

Danger and Necessity

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes behind the wheel are a bit more costly: one in three people know someone who was killed or injured by a driver running a red light, and in 2013, 29% of automobile crash deaths involved speeding. So we know that people speed and run red lights, and even drink behind the wheel. The question is: what happens when you’re the one being accused?

Beating A Violation Is Harder Than It Looks

Old-fashioned advice about speeding tickets would have you go to court and plead your case. This approach takes a lot of time and energy, and that’s just to beat something as minor as a speeding ticket. A ticket attorney can beat traffic violations in less time, often at an affordable price, and with a higher likelihood of a good outcome.

The Bigger The Violation, The Bigger The Risk

When you’re charged with driving under the influence, a DUI defense attorney should not be considered an option, but a necessity. A DUI defense attorney can potentially help you avoid anything from a suspended driver’s license, harsh fines, or even jail time. Now, you might be saying, “I would never drink and drive; what do I have to worry about?” Drivers are legally considered impaired when their blood-alcohol level hits .08, and your blood alcohol level can continue to rise after you’ve finished drinking. You could easily get into your car with a .07 and be pulled over with a .08.

Penalties Can Be Harsh

In California, the minimum penalties for your first DUI conviction can include an $1800 fine and loss of your driver’s license for 30 days. With these penalties at stake, a DUI defense attorney can save you time away from work, money, and stigma. Even something as simple as a red light camera ticket can cost you hundreds of dollars–quite possibly more than a ticket attorney.

Ideally, you will never be accused of a traffic violation, serious or minor. That being said, it happens to thousands of Americans each year. If nothing else, a consultation with an attorney can let you know when to fight a speeding ticket, how to fight a red light ticket, and whether or not you’re in the right.

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