June 21, 2024

Finding the Right Criminal Defense After a Car Crash

What to do when being charged with a crime? This is a question that many Americans face and must answer after an incident with the law has taken place, and based on the person’s charges and their previous criminal record, they may pursue certain courses of action and expect certain out come to be most likely. Some particular crimes that Americans may be charged with include drunk driving (whether or not there was a collision or injury) or possession or use of illegal drugs. Being charged with a crime is something to take very seriously, and those facing charges may wonder “What to do when being charged with a crime?” A common answer is to find a criminal defense attorney to back up the client’s base and advocate their position in criminal court, and although nothing is guaranteed, if the lawyer does their job well and circumstances are favorable, the person being charged may have their sentence made more lenient, or they may even have criminal charged dropped. Overall, the effort of finding criminal defense lawyers can have a great potential to pay off, and those facing criminal charges may find a much more acceptable outcome to their court case than if they do not have a defense lawyer on their side.


Many different crimes exist in the law today, and some of the most common ones include irresponsible driving or drug use or possession. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, often known as DUI, is a common crime that many Americans are charged with. Often, drunk driving contributes a lot to the United States’ rates of car crashes and injuries sustained on the road. Every year, around six million car crashes take place, and about three million people will get injured in those accidents. What is causing Americans to crash their cars into other vehicles or pedestrians? Often, driving drunk is to blame, and this is a common issue. Every day, people drive drunk nearly 300,000 times, but only around 4,000 of them, on average, will be arrested for this crime. Generally, a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher will constitute drunk driving, and some states may have varying numbers on what a criminally high BAC is. Even if a drunk driver does not hit anyone, driving drunk is still a serious potential hazard, and police officers and state troopers will be vigilant for cars whose behavior suggests a drunk driver behind the wheel.

Possession or use of drugs is another common reason that Americans face criminal charges, and some drugs are well known to be highly illegal but often used or possessed anyway. Being caught using or carrying these illegal drugs will get someone arrested and face charges, and overall, someone facing charges of common crimes like drunk driving or drug possession will want legal help when going to court. What are the options?

What to Do When Being Charged With a Crime

Someone who is facing criminal charges such as drunk driving or drug possession may have difficulty getting the outcome that they would want in court, and they may face still penalties, especially if that person is a repeat offender. For that reason, legal defense is a strong option. What to do when being charged with a crime? “Find a lawyer” is a staple answer, and criminal defense law firms may be found across the United States, and some such firms may specialize in particular crimes such as drunk driving or drug possession. Someone facing criminal charges may want to find a law firm whose attorneys deal with the particular type of crime.

Once hired, a lawyer will argue his or her client’s side, and while no particular outcome is guaranteed, some possible results may include a lighter sentence for drunk driving or drug possession. A drunk driver, for example, may have their lawyer argue that the client should, rather than go to jail and pay a massive fine, take part in rehab services and get a wheel lock and a Breathalyzer installed in their car, so that they maintain freedom of movement but cannot repeat the crime that they were convicted of. Those guilty of drug possession or use may exchange prison time for rehab services.

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