April 20, 2024

Exploring the Benefits of Hiring a Trademark Attorney

Patent attorney

Have you ever watched those cheesy, in your face infomercials, that try to get you to buy stuff you think you don’t need but it actually kind of looks like a good idea? How many times have you watched them and scoffed at what you thought was a silly idea only to change your mind later on and realize it was actually pretty cool? And be honest — how many times have you caved in and bought the darn thing, even if it was in the “as seen on TV” section at a discount store? A lot of people are quick to criticize these inventions only to come to the realization later that they’re actually pretty cool.

Sometimes these kinds of infomercials are all you need as inspiration in order to come up with an invention of your own. So many viewers of these infomercials believe that they could have invented something better, but these ideas of improvement often fall by the wayside for a variety of reasons. If you want to invent something, just get out there and do it! Twirl on your haters and naysayers like Beyonce and remember that some of the most prominent and influential inventions were repeatedly turned down, denied, and laughed at. A great example of this is Spanx, whose inventor was a struggling mother that was turned down by countless investors. But guess who has the last laugh now? Ha!

In addition to some creativity, hard work, and a bit of luck, creating an invention requires a patent. And while it’s possible to go about filing one on your own, you’re much better off working with patent lawyers and patent law specialists that can help you along the way. Many inventors are reluctant to hire or work with a trademark attorney due to the expense, which is understandable. But in reality, an inventor can’t afford to not hire a trademark attorney, as doing so greatly increases their chances of obtaining the registration they so desire.

But hiring a trademark attorney isn’t only for inventors that want to launch a new product. Entrepreneurs hoping to launch a new business are also advised to work with trademark attorneys and even businesses interested in launching a new product or service should do the same. The best time to begin working with a trademark attorney is prior to investing a significant amount of time or money into a particular trademark. For example, say you wanted to launch a particular product or service that you thought was the bomb only to discover it’s already been done and done well.

Keep in mind that although hiring an attorney may seem expensive, it’s a small price to pay in comparison to having to go to court in order to dispute a trademark. These lawsuits can run into the hundreds of thousands, so it’s best to play it safe and avoid them at all costs! Being proactive in the beginning by hiring a lawyer to do the research and help you through the legal process can provide you with a deep sense of peace of mind, which in itself is priceless!

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