July 20, 2024

Common Bicycle Hazards and How to Avoid Them

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As more people become environmentally-conscious, bicycling is turning into one of the most popular modes of transportation in urban areas. Unfortunately, due to negligence on the part of both cyclists and drivers, commuting by bicycle can be very dangerous. Car and bicycle accidents are growing more common, and bicycling injuries are on the rise. Fortunately, many car and bike accidents follow predictable patterns, which can be avoided when recognized.

The most common type of car accident with bike riders happens when the driver of a car fails to see a cyclist, and turns left into the bicycle’s path of travel. Cyclists are advised by bicycle accident attorneys and other safety advocates to turn with the car to avoid impact, and to stay out of intersections when the traffic lights are red.

Of course, with vehicles making left turns accounts for a high number of bicycling injuries, it stands to reason that vehicles turning right would also have an impact. To avoid being hit by vehicles turning right, cyclists should stop directly behind cars at lights, and wait to see where the car is going before proceeding through the intersection. Cyclists should also pass cars on the left, as passing on the right puts them in the cars’ blind spots.

Occasionally, a cyclist will be riding between moving cars and parked cars, and an unsuspecting driver will hit them while opening their car door. To avoid sudden door openings, cyclists should always be looking several cars ahead, and drive at least three feet to the left of parked cars.

Bicycle accident attorneys recommend considering other safety tips to avoid accidents in general. Wearing brightly-colored clothing and installing lights on your bicycle can make it easier for drivers to see and avoid you. Cyclists should refrain from riding on streets with many driveway entrances, and never take the sidewalk. By following these safety tips, cyclists can avoid costly and painful accidents, and make the road a safer place for everyone. For more, read this link.

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