April 20, 2024

Car Accidents Major Issues in America

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Imagine the following scenario: An individual is driving along a road, obeying all the traffic laws, staying in the lanes, driving at the right and legal speed limit, with all their blinkers and brake lights working and another car approaches. That other car is speeding over the speed limit, weaving in and out of lanes. They strike the first car.

The cars collide and swerve off the road. The first car hits a guardrail, damaging the car, as the driver’s head contacts the windshield and snaps back. The first car’s driver loses consciousness, is transported to the hospital, where they are treated for injuries over the course of two days. The other driver is taken to jail.

In car accidents, there is the case of negligence where a driver of the car that causes the accident is legally and sometimes financially liable for the damage caused both to the car and the person who was injured. The car accident is reviewed by police at the scene of the crime, who take witness statements and find negligence with one driver or another.

The driver who did not cause the car accidents may have injuries. Those injuries might cost a person thousands of dollars in hospital bills as they recover. Their car might be totaled, beyond repair. The combined financial cost might cause the person to liquidate their savings or add it all to credit cards.

The person who is negligent may be financially responsible for that person’s medical bills as well as their continued recovery if the person requires physical therapy for the injuries that were sustained in the accident. They will likely be responsible for the damage done to the car, unless the car of the driver who caused the accident had a manufacturer defect.

Then there is the issue of negligence. Fatal car accidents are caused by three major factors in America: drunk driving, distracted driving, and aggressive driving. The first two cause tens of thousands of deaths each year, and many organizations believe they could have been preventable.

Drunk driving is a situation where a person drinks alcohol or ingests a drug (in this case for DUII) and drives. The person who drives may likely be over the blood alcohol concentration limit, which varies according to the state. The blood alcohol concentration limit for people in many states is .08, which is a little less than one beer.

Someone who is drunk often thinks they are capable of more than they actually are capable of, have slurred speech, lack of motor control, inability to react quickly to situations, and much more. When they operate a motor vehicle, they often weave in and out of lanes, have trouble staying awake, and generally put others on the road at risk.

Distracted driving is defined in three ways according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. First there is visually distracted driving. Visually distracted driving occurs when someone takes their eyes off the road. Visually distracted driving can happen when a person texts while driving, fiddles with the radio, or looks at the scenery.

The second is manually distracted driving. Manually distracted driving occurs when a driver takes their hands of the wheel. Manually distracted driving happens when a person texts and drives, when a person pushes a pet off their lap, or when a person eats sandwich while driving.

The third is generally distracted driving, which occurs when someone is generally distracted enough to take their attention off the road. This occurs with all the examples above and includes when someone is looking at the passenger in their seat during a conversation or other instances.

In each case, a driver who is found to be doing these things and causes a car accident can be found negligent, according to the discretion of the police and the person who was injured. The person who was injured can find an auto accident attorney or auto accident lawyer to represent them for damages.

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