April 17, 2024

Before You Call Saul, Find a Lawyer Near You

Why you need a workmans comp attorney

After fans of AMC’s hit crime series Breaking Bad were left wanting more following the season’s end, the network debuted a spin off series titled Better Call Saul, which follows shenanigans of criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.

However, Goodman isn’t just any ol’ criminal lawyer. He’s actually a criminal lawyer. Get it?

While Goodman has very little in common with lawyers found in reality, one thing they do share is advertising, and a lot of it. Whether it’s local bankruptcy lawyers, personal injury lawyers, or workmans comp attorneys, nearly all legal professionals use some form of advertising in order to reach their target audience. Whether it be via television ads, radio, digital, print or any combination thereof, they all do it.

You’d think all of this advertising would make finding a lawyer that much easier, however, it can actually make it more difficult. After being constantly bombarded by ads, you may find it difficult to determine which lawyer is best for your needs.

Here are three ways of finding a lawyer without using ads.

Give them something to talk about

Asking your family, friends, and even co-workers for personal recommendations is perhaps one of the best ways to find the right lawyer for your needs. Chances are, they may already know of a lawyer who they’ve used in the past and can vouch for their services.

Ask for help
Many companies have employee assistance programs (EAP) that are designed to assist employees with a number of things, from finding the right financial adviser to finding attorney. All you have to do is ask!

Raising the bar

Your state’s bar association is an invaluable resource in terms of finding the right attorney for your needs. Your state’s bar association will provide information in regards to the lawyer’s educational background, experience, and will be able to alert to any complaints or actions filed against the attorney in question.
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