July 20, 2024

8 Tips for the Social Security Disability Application Process

If you’ve been injured or suffer from an ongoing illness, social security disability might be the right path for you. This video offers great insight into the application process from an experienced social security disability attorney.

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If you’re to the point that an SSDI lawyer is helping you with your claim, keep these eight tips in mind as well.

1. Medical Treatment

Make sure that you have a comprehensive record of your medical treatments with no breaks. Inconsistent treatment is a red flag for most judges.

2. Firm Diagnosis

For claimants who do not have a firm diagnosis, their claims will be more difficult to prove.

3. Always Take Medications as Prescribed

If your doctor has provided medications to treat your illness or disability, make sure your lawyers can prove your compliance with this treatment.

4. Medical Language Translated to Work Capacity Limitations

Simply having a disability or long-term illness is not sufficient to be approved. This must be translated to how it affects your ability to perform work.

5. Practice Before Your Hearing

6. Don’t Go Alone

7. Avoid Drug-Seeking

Judges will not approve your claim if they believe that you are trying to get medications for recreational use.

8. Don’t Be Entitled

Judges want to know that you are willing to do everything to not have to navigate social security disability law .

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