July 20, 2024

6 Reasons To Hire A “Fighting” Attorney

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A lot of attorneys like to use the word “advocate” to describe what they do for you. Heck, the word in French for lawyer is even “avocat,” which is similarly evocative of help and support.
We do not use that word. Good lawyers do not advocate for you — they fight for you, and they fight hard. Because sometimes an aggressive attorney is just what you need to see justice done. A few reasons you might want to seek out an aggressive lawyer to sort out your legal issues are below:
1. You are a victim of domestic violence.
This inexcusable circumstance probably entitles you to a considerable amount of restitution.
2. You are going through a messy divorce.
In four out of five cases the decision to end a marriage is unilateral — meaning that one part of the couple wishes to get divorced while the other is resistant. No matter which part of this equation describes you, a good lawyer can help protect you via the negotiation and mediation of divorce proceedings. In speaking of…
3. You’re involved in a custody battle.
Divorces leave no less than 1.5 million children in broken home situations each year. Child custody and/or child support is often the most contentious issue surrounding divorce proceedings. If you need help getting what you want or what is owed to you in this regard, contact a divorce attorney.
4. You want visitation rights of some kind.
Everybody knows that the mother or father of a child has certain visitation rights unless specified otherwise in a court. But did you know that there is such a thing as grandparent visitation rights for example? (Grandparent visitation rights are actually becoming a popular claim as the fathers and mothers of feuding couples try to step in for the sake of their grandchildren). If you know anyone who wants grandparent visitation rights or any other kind of visitation rights, contact a lawyer immediately.
5. You were injured and don’t think it was your fault.
Maybe you slipped on a badly mopped floor. Maybe someone hit you with their car or you were the victim of some other kind of neglectful practice. Whatever the reason, fully 95% of injury cases are settled out of a courtroom, so it is definitely in your interests to contact an attorney.
6. You don’t have a Will and have no idea how to go about making one.
Over half of people in the U.S. do not have a Will, which is crazy considering anything could happen at any time. If you don’t have a Will, you need to hire a lawyer who can sit down with you and draft one out in as little as fifteen minutes. It is important to protect your assets and your loved ones’ interests in case the worst should happen.

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