July 13, 2024

3 Things You Should Know About Being Charged With DUI

DUI is short for ‘driving under the influence,’ although nowadays, this offense is referred to as OUI or operating under the influence. As the name suggests, DUI is driving or operating a motor vehicle under the influence of substances like alcohol and drugs that make the vehicle a risk to the driver and other road users. About alcohol, a DUI charge is defined by the state’s BAC (blood alcohol content) limit, which is typically 0.08%.

When you have an accident with a drunk driver, it’s common to be anxious and depressed, especially if it’s your first time. Accidents caused by drunk driving can cause you problems, such as losing your driver’s license. What’s more, driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance is dangerous hence why most cops conduct adopt alcohol screening. Your poor decision to drive under the influence could cost other road users their lives.
Most people don’t understand what a DUI is and what happens when they’re charged with this offense. This can cause them to face this problem without being adequately prepared. For instance, you need advocates against impaired driving or a criminal law lawyer. Our discussion below will highlight three things you should know about a DUI charge.

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If you are facing a DUI charge, there are certain things that you should be aware of. These are things that your attorney might be able to help you with. Either way, when you are charged with a DUI, your freedom is at stake. If you are wondering what happens when you get a DUI you should read this and hire a local attorney. In order to know how to fight a DUI charge you need to first know a little about what happens when you get a DUI.

What Happens When You Get a DUI:

1. You should know how the different kids of sentencing work. There are six levels of DWI and a DWI attorney can help you with them. A DWI lawyer will be able to tell you how a level A1 DWI could land you in jail for up to 3 years. A level 1 DWI could land you up to 2 years in jail. A level 2 DWI could be up to one year in jail time for you. A level 3 DWI might not get you any jail time at all. Which level you are at depends on the circumstances around your DWI.

2. Understand how these levels work. These levels are partly influenced by aggravating and mitigating factors. To understand what happens when you get a DUI, you must understand the circumstances around your DUI. A defense lawyer will be able to use factors that work in your favor, like this being your first DWI to get the judge to view you more favorably. This is an example of a mitigating factor. Alternatively, things like reckless driving or injuring another driver can work against you. These are called aggravating factors.

3. The one thing that should happen no matter what if you get a DWI is that you should hire the best defense attorney you can afford. This is because what happens when you get a DUI is that your freedom is at stake because jail time is a possibility. You should not take chances with your freedom and do whatever you can to avoid jail time by hiring a great attorney. A great attorney could be able to help you get a reduced sentence. This is what happens when you get a DUI.

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